About Us

ICBM-SBE is celebrating its 25th Silver Jubilee Year and as a tradition it offers: Focussed & Up-to-date Education, a Good Career, Handsome Salary, Mouth Watering Perks, Challenging Reputation with Secure Future which are the few important benchmarks which an aspiring Business Manager sets forth for himself while pursuing the dream of becoming a Top Notch Management Professional by securing a top class opening in campus placements.

Our Faculty

The Institution’s image is mainly due to the faculty who are instrumental in shaping the future of the Budding Managers. This is where ICBM-SBE emerges a clear cut winner with its major force and credibility being its faculty. The faculty roster of ICBM-SBE is bedecked with 36 Ratans with 18 of them having Ph.D. to their credit. 11 of our faculty are International & National Award winners.

Admissions Going On

Our Recruiters