Teaching Methodology

The main foundation for successful managerial career is getting well equipped with the Theoretical concepts of Modern Management coupled with adequate hands on practice of these concepts in the form of Case Studies, Simulations, Seminars, Problem Solving Workshops, Role Plays and host of other practical skills. The skills provide the young potential manager a direction for his future.

The Teaching Methodology at ICBM-SBE is designed to meet this objective of providing a solid basic foundation and then gradually move in to the areas of specializations.

Quality Faculty

The ICBM-SBE faculty is comprised of Nationally & Internationally known business and leadership authorities. From best selling authors to internationally renowned in-house trainers; from CEOs to medical doctors, ICBM-SBE faculty talent pool is internationally recognized experts in their field.

Quality Training

The Trainers who conduct Skill & Personality Development sessions are experienced facilitators & consultants. ICBM-SBE facilitators & consultants know the local business community and they understand young management student’s training needs.

Quality Materials

Each Skill & Personality Development session includes quality written materials to reinforce management and leadership topics.
At the end of the course this full set of materials will provide the aspiring managers with an important informational resource they can use throughout their career.

Teaching Tools

  • Case Studies & Simulations of “Harvard Business School”
  • “Budding Manager” – Training Program for Guaranteed Placements
  • Capstone Business Simulations for Unforgettable Business Learning
  • Interactive Virtual Satellite Classes by Experts & IIM Faculty
  • Digital Class Rooms with Wifi Smart Boards & Class Screens
  • Triple Specialization with Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, IT, Pharma, Supply Chain Management, Interna-tional Business, Insurance & Banking etc.,

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