The Indian student after completing a grueling, tedious and hard earned graduation finds himself in the harsh reality of tooth & nail competition. He has no other way but to follow “Darwin’s Survival of Fittest” theory which leads to origin of new species. A species which is successfully prepared to meet the very adverse of factors and come out head held high ahead of the meek competition.
But the fact is how many of them find the right path to success & glory; the answer is well just around you, just observe around you will know for yourself.
Economic liberalization has made the business environment of the country very competitive. It has thrown open gates to the Indian market that is larger than the European Common Market. India has become one of the major forces to have a telling effect on the world economy. The presence and constant entry of progressive multinationals is on rise every day. Right from Microsoft, Ford, G.E., Proctor & Gamble to Kellogs, Thompson’s, IBM, Motorola, Sony, Grundig, Coke International, Schweppes and lot of others have primarily targeted Indian Market. The advancement of Internet & high end communications has totally reshaped the market – its needs, wants, and has blown open a billion of opportunities for the savvy Business Professional.
Though we have from the various Management Institutions, both Government and Private, around 50,000 to 1 lakh qualified professionals every year, the demand is for over 5 lakhs management professionals. The equation is mind blowing and provides the right opportunity to today’s graduate.
This scenario has thrown open opportunities galore for the trained personnel in Management Disciplines of Marketing, Finance, Information Systems, H.R Etc.,


The current need is a Professional Management and not a student mere degree holder & keeping this is mind, at ICBM-SBE, we resolved this as our mission to bridge the gap and provide to the corporate world the finest cadre of Management professionals polished & suave to carry the responsibilities of modern day competitive world on their broad and efficient shoulders.

For achieving this mission. we at ICBM-SBE have designed the 2 year Management Programme – PGDM -which is embellished with Academics, Practical Skills & Applications, Computer Proficiency & World Class Personality Development. This program is scientifically designed – Objective by objective, step by step & programmed with lot of care & passion to make every student an ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile) to hit the right target i.e. the high profile Corporate Career in the Job Market and consolidate our students in every aspect for a glorious future.

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